With plight comes piety, and with discipline comes gnosis.

- The Book of the Alchemeric Dragon

Lodge Chimera reveres the Qliphothic warriorship as the principal construct of magical acting and intent, and with this dedication follows adherence to the Draconian codes of chivalry. This does not entail shrewd posturing, but rather the acknowledgement of the extraordinary effort put into the initiatory undertaking by our fellow kin, and acceptance of the necessity of both nourishing austerity and tender mercy. The perilous way is strewn with the venomous fruits of destiny, and only those who walk this path can stretch out a Samaritan's hand.

Red is the blood of kinship, Black is the soil of the path, and White is the Eye of Lucifer, our guiding star.

- The Book of the Alchemeric Dragon

The mythical Chimera is a hybrid creature, an offspring of Typhon, that is traditionally composed of features from three different animals: lion, goat and serpent. From the perspective of Draconian initiatory sorcery, the lion represents the messianic prophecy of Thagirion where the hybridisation of angel and beast transforms the initiate into his own messiah, the King of Kings. The solomonic spirit Zimimay revealed himself as the black Lion of Judah wreathed in flames, when he declared that he was one of the angels who are the keepers of temporal and material existence, referring to the quaternity of spirits ruling over the cardinal directions. Together they command the 72 spirits of the Goetia, which are often described as chimeric conglomerations of different animals and creatures.

The goat is Azazel, lord of the the sabbath, he who is sacrificed and sent out into the wilderness. In relation to initiation, he symbolises the strive for spiritual adulthood by means of separation from God. The adept leaves the well-known of Malkuth and sacrifices himself to the quest of wandering the wastes. The sacrificial element of the scapegoat has also been used by Christians to symbolise their messiah. In the guise of the diabolical tutor, Azazyel is the leader of the Watchers; the angelic host that taught mankind about crafts and magic, thus carrying the promethean flame from the mountain of Hephaistos, lord of sorcery and crafts, to the world of the humans below.

The ophidian features of the Chimera represents the connection to the primordial, the uncreated, and even the non-existent, through the legacy of Typhon. The opposition of the Qliphothic forces and the reluctance of the Non-thinking Light manifests through the Chimera as the serpentine prophecy.

The reverberations of the gnostic ophidian gospel manifest as undulating cashes of power, surrounding the Qliphothic aeon know as The Storm, where the gnosis is qabalistically ciphered as dangers on land and at sea. The serpent is the prophet of Eden, and together with the messianic lion and the diabolical goat, the Chimera embodies the Draconian motto Visio (Serpent) - Vires (Lion) - Actio (Goat).

Gothenburg, Sweden